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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Money In Your Mind Course

I'm delighted to announce that Igor has put the final touches to
his exciting The Money In Your Mind program.

The Money In Your Mind Training By Igor Ledochowski

As you can guess this training is all about how you can be more wealthy.

And creating, keeping and growing wealth starts in your mind.

Of course you also need to know specific wealth generating activities
as well.

The problem for most people is they have no clue about how to focus their
minds on wealth or do any of these fundamental wealth generating activities.

Hey it's not your fault if you're one of them.

I don't remember any class at school on wealth. Do you?

Or at university for that matter.

You see, this kind of information and way of thinking is NOT taught openly.


Because unfortunately most people who are "in the know" keep it to themselves or
only share it with their family.

They keep it under wraps with an almost masonic zeal.

If you look at most programs out there the information varies from poor all the
way down to flat out dangerously wrong.

I should know, I've been burnt before.

I've seen a business that I carefully built up from the ground as an employee DESTROYED through the actions of an owner who learnt
all the WRONG ways to think and act about wealth.

The books he was reading about wealth would have been more useful as firelighters.

I'm serious.

So why is Igor's "The Money In Your Mind" program so different?

Why can he unlock this guarded information for you?

And what method is he using to hypnotically lock in the wealth systems he will share with you?

I've written up all the answers for you here:

The Money In Your Mind Step-by-Step - Igor Ledochowski (video)

Plus you'll discover quite a bit about Igor's background that you almost certainly didn't know before too!

That's all the hypnosis news for today,

For further information about this program watch the video(Igor Q&A) I published in this post:
Igor's Q & A For The Money In Your Mind

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