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Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 Aussies Inventors Create A Free Energy Home Generator

2 Aussies Inventors Create A Free Energy Home Generator Two Aussie inventors have created a zero point magnetic power generator that is basically a Free Energy Generator.

The Lutec 1000 free energy machine has resurfaced after six years of steering clear of the public spotlight, having been granted patents in at least 60 countries around the world, including the US, China and India.

The dynamic duo said they felt somewhat vindicated they had been able to land patents for their device and have had the Lutec verified by an independent engineer. ”When we first kicked off, there was a huge fuss about it and people said we’d never get patents for it,” Mr Christie said.

The device can produce as much as five times the input applied to it and could power your home, car, and free your life from the grid, coal or petrol.

It uses magnets, and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion and it runs by itself, indefinitely without stopping, thus creating completely free electrical energy.

Is this the end of the internal combustion engine? Will we finally be able to drive past gas stations?

Will we be disconnecting from the power grid or even selling power back to the electric company? We’re about to find out.



Free Energy Generator Plans - Do it Yourself!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

'THRIVE' on Free Energy (over unity devices and zero point energy)

Extracts about Free Energy from the movie "THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?"

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary now available to watch online at
Find out more about Free Energy from this enormous collaborative website full of verifiable information

This edit only focuses on the Free Energy subject, however the Thrive movie covers many other subjects.

Build Your Own Amazing Magnetic Generator

In a world where oil rules one man challenged conventional physics and dared to discover a new energy technology to start America on a new journey.