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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Igor's Q & A For The Money In Your Mind

  In the last few weeks people have been sending a lot of questions about this wealth program (includes 8 CDs of hypnotic inductions and 15 DVDs of real world training) like these...

  • Does It Work?
  • Even if this program does work,
    people are wondering, can I do this?
  • Don't you need to have money to
    make money?
  • How can I know if this program is
    right for me?
  • What does Igor know about making
  • Will I have to learn complex formulas?
  • Is this just a bunch of positive thinking?
  • Does it work for ordinary people like me?
  • Don't you have to be really
    smart to get rich?
  • How can I ever get rich if I don't
    understand the stock market?
  • How is this whole process different from
    all the other stuff out there?
There's way too many to answer here, so Igor
created a FAQ Video for you that answers
every one in detail.

You can watch that on Youtube:

Igor's Q & A For The Money In Your Mind - part1
Igor's Q & A For The Money In Your Mind - part2

I hope you like it.

Official website:The Money In Your Mind
Facebook: The Money In Your Mind on Facebook

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